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Clearing out our 'Ways and Means' box.

Life will insist on throwing all sorts of horrible problems at us, repeatedly, all the way through our short time on this earth. It's our job to cope with them in whatever way we can, in whatever ways we have learned. These are generally ways we have seen others use; our family, parents, friends. We create a kind of, 'ways and means box' and whenever something arises we reach in and pull out a standard tried and tested approach and apply it. But as we learn as time goes on, the box that we choose from doesn't always provide the most effective ways, or means. Maybe we get angry when we should listen. Maybe we appease when we should challenge. Maybe we use passive aggressive tactics becuase we are jealous or aggrieved. We are all guilty of all these things. It's human behaviour.

Becuase we put our bad behaviour down to human behaviour, we can just dump it, as though we have no choice over it becuase it's human. But we do have control over it, all of us. We have a choice over anger, jealousy, aggression, fear, anxiety, all of these automatic responses are all within our power to avoid. These negative and damaging options are provided to us quickly, by our primitive brain, our reptilian brain. They are the responses fed to us when we don't know what else to do, intuitively, we get the chemical response from our Hypothalamus, we're given a behavioural response from our Hippocampus and then we just dish it out in a way our primitive former selves would be proud of. But in today's society it's more likely to get us into trouble than help us. You might have heard of the primitive brain described as the 'fight, flight or depression' part of the brain. It's the part of the brain whose only job is to keep us alive, simple as that. It doesn't feel compassion, it doesn't analyse, it doesn't evolve, and it's not creative. It's negative and it's brutal.

Hypnosis trance is a state in which we have a way of talking to the intellectual brain directly, the pre frontal cortex, the part of the brain which analyses. This part considers all the options available to it from it's vast intellectual resource, and enables us to have useful and enjoyable conversations. It's the part which has me writing this down right now. It's not preoccupied with emotion, with chemical reactions, with fear and anger. It's the part we need to be using in order to live our lives effectively, successfully, happily. It doesn't smoke and it doesn't have any irrational fears or phobias. Hypnotherapy helps us to maintain a strong intellectual control of our lives. It pushes the primitive brain back from those activities where it's not needed, where it's probably just going to cause trouble.

During trance the primitive brain sleeps so that those emotional responses and behaviours which it is responsible for developing over time, the negative reactions which may currently have control over our lives, are re-considered and re-evaluated by the intellectual part of the brain. Through this process they are replaced with more rational, less damaging alternatives.

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